Samhach Buidhe of Bairnsley AI (6,262)

(US 49, 802)

Samhach Buidhe of Bairnsley AI (6262)

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Sammy's daughter, achieves 2nd highest price at the
2014 National Western Stock Show & Sale, Denver, USA.
(US $5,500)

(Thank you Star Lake Cattle Company for use of this photograph.)
STR Iluminada (AI, D) (USA 52,582)

Sammy over the years:
5 months old 13 months old 13 months old
17 months old 33 months old Mature Bull (6 YO)

Sammy's offspring:
STR Ruthless Game (AI, D) (USA 53,128) 3 YO dauger (Beitidh Buidhe of Bairnsley) STR Iluminada (AI, D) (USA 52,582)

Sire:              Rushmore Bracken (UK 7582)
Dam:             Isobail of Cruachan (4167)

DOB:            12.8.06

Colour:         Yellow

Comments:  Sammy has a rare combination in the Highland world - good feet, growth, frame and correctness. He is truly unique and needs to be seen to be believed. He has a magnificent topline, is extremely quiet and stands with a post at each corner with plenty of width - a natural show animal. He is as close to a faultless animal as we will likely ever breed. This correctness and his excellent fleshing will see him produce animals for the show ring as well and steers for the table.

35 kg 247 kg 400 kg 756 kg 949 kg 5 42 cm

Show Highlights
♦     Grand Champion Bull & Supreme Exhibit - 2009 National Show
                    (at 33 months of age - 898kg, EMA-120cm2
, fat 19/11)
♦     Grand Champion Bull                                 - 2008 National Show
                    (at 21 months of age - 714kg, EMA-119cm
, fat 10/7)
♦     Grand Champion Bull & Supreme Exhibit - 2007 Melbourne Royal
                    (at 13 months of age - 470kg, EMA-80cm
, fat 8/4)
Reserve Junior Champion Bull                    - 2007 National Show
                    (at 9 months of age - 333kg, EMA-74cm
2, fat 7/5mm)

Sire of:

♦ Senior Champion Female                                   - 2012 Highland National Show
♦ Champion Female & Supreme Exhibit               - 2012 Royal Melbourne Show
♦ Champion Female & Supreme Exhibit               - 2012 Victorian State Championship Show (Clunes)

                    (Beitidh Buidhe of Bairnsley)


Prionnsa 4th Leys (UK 6,792) 
Wallace of Achnacloich (UK 7,199)
Cuailean 56th of Achnachloic (UK 24,909)
Rushmore Bracken (UK 7582) 
Rory Ruadh 3rd of Hungerhill (UK 7,069)
Fleur of Windsworth (UK 31,185)
Fraoch (M) of Pollok (UK 26,432) 


     Trafalgar Benedict (USA 24228) {R}
  Tearlach of Cruachan (ET)(2612){R}  
    Mointeag of Trelessick (640) (UK 35545) {R}
 Isobaile of Cruachan (4176) {R}    
    GOF Xerxes 2X (Can 5191)
  Leadarra of Cruachan ET (3428) {R}  
    Croftgrass Marna VIII (Can 4834)