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Stud Stock

We have stock available at most times of year or various colours and genetics. If we are sold out then we are happy to reserve animals for you that are coming up for sale.

We are also happy to assist with selection of your new animal, whether you want a beef producer, a show animal or just a 'lawn mower'. CLICK HERE to see what is available.




We also have hides for sale upon request. Various colours for floor covers with that natural feel beneath your feet.
CLICK HERE for colours and further details.



We have various Highland bulls available, for use in AI programs over your Highland females. Contact us to inquire about the bulls you might be interested. CLICK HERE to see our Semen Page.


Overseas Bulls Available:   Domestic Bulls Available:  
Uallach Dubh 6th of Pollok (UK NEP080335)   Samhach Buidhe of Bairnbsley (6,262) Samhach Buidhe of Bairnsley AI (6262)
Lord Montagu of Old Greenlaw (UK BE055400002)   Am Prionnsa Odhar of Bairnsley (6,759) Am Prionnsa Odhar of Bairnsley ET (6759)
Brogach 4th of Craigowmill (UK 5419891100406) Brogach 4th of Craigowmill      

CLICK HERE to see more detail on these bulls. Sales can be arranged to anywhere in Australia, and our domestic bulls listed above, are available for export to some overseas countries.



Embryos are a great way of getting new genetics into your fold on both the sire and dam side. Contact us if you want more information on this option. CLICK HERE for more details.


Beef - Succulent & Tender

Bairnsley Highland Beef is available privately in our local area. CLICK HERE for more details. You will not taste more tender, succulent meat. It is grown naturally and without hormones or in feed antibiotics - we guarantee that you will enjoy it. (More about our meat)