Stud Highland Sales

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Selected females are offered for sale over the year. Rest assured, these are show quality animals with unique pedigrees - they are true to type and would be at home in Scotland or your paddock. Females that are not up to scratch are put through our beef program (see beef sales). Even if there are no animals for sale at the time, we do run a waiting list, so CONTACT US for details.

Bulls are availble occasionally. We cut 95% of the bull calves we produce (so we only have one for sale every 1-2 years). This is because we have a ready market for our beef & hides, so steers are of significant value to us, and also because we have a reputation to uphold. If they are not good enough for us to use as a sire, we would not be selling them as a stud sire. Many of the bulls we cut would beat a lot of the bulls going around on the show circuit. To us, if a bull can not significantly improve most of the Highland females in Australia (& has not got a unique enough pedigree to be used in most of these folds), then we would rather use him in our beef production program.

CONTACT US if you are interested in stud females or bulls. If we do not have anything available, we can put you on a waiting list, or refer you to comeone who has animals for sale at the time.


COWS (pregnancy tested in calf) Available
HEIFERS (broken in) Available Sept 2019
BULLS (broken in & ready to work)
(Semen Tested)
STEERS (halter trained & quiet) Available Nov 2019

What you get when purchasing animals from Bairnsley Highlands:
Quiet animals (All of our animals are halter trained and most can be brushed in the paddock.)
Fully Imported Bloodline (FIB) genetics (Pedigrees can be traced back to Scotland in all directions - no other breeds are known to be present in their lines.)
♦ All
bulls are sold only after a recent semen test, to guarantee fertility.
All animals are DNA profiled and parentage verified.

We pay for all registration and transfers on each animal.
♦ All animals are vaccinated (with 7-in-1 & Pestiguard), and drenched regularly for worms and lice.
♦ We will happily assist with delivery of our cattle if you live near by.

(Photos and pedigrees can be supplied on any animals.)